Play-AND-Earn by mastering your character and beating your opponents in intense, skill-based 1v1v1 runner battles.

Metarun is the world's first competitive character-based tactical mobile runner game. Built on the web3, Metarun offers true ownership of the gameplay experience to the players. Collect unique NFT Heroes and compete in the Endless continent of Danvig, which abounds with different biomes.




More than Skins and their visual appeal, you'll select an NFT Hero armed with adaptive, swift, and deadly abilities that will give you chances to make your Battle Run excel. Every Agent is unique and unparalleled, just like no two highlight reels will ever be identical.

Game Features

  • Battle

    Choose your faviroute character and battle in intense, skill-based PvP mode or have fun in PvE mode in the endless continent of Danvig.

  • Ranked Leagues

    Compete for glory in the ranked leagues, unlocked by owning NFT heroes. Achieve the prestigious Master's badge by becoming the top-ranked Metarunner.

  • Play and Win

    By Playing Metarun, you can earn in-game rewards by competing in intense, skill-based 1v1v1 PvP battles and defeating your opponents. If competing isn't your style, play the single player PvE mode and complete missions and daily challenges to earn rewards

  • Own your Heroes

    Own your game assets. Purchase new NFT skins or upgrade the one's you already own. Every skin you own, belongs to you and you alone. Use them, Trade them, Lend them or Sell them. You decide.

  • Choose your Playstyle

    Select a Hero that is accustomed to your gameplay style and skills. Master your skills with three character types: Sprinter, Fighter and Craftsman.

  • Socialize

    Play with friends in custom PvP rooms or host events in the custom tournament room to compete, socialize, and engage with communities.

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Q4 2021

  • Concept Documentation
  • Discord Community launch
  • Product Pitchdeck release

Q1 2022

  • Product Prototype Release
  • Private Token sale
  • Game Teaser video
  • Public Token sale
  • TGE

Q2 2022

  • Gameplay Trailer release
  • PvE Close Alpha Andriod
  • Playstore release
  • 2 Player PvP Release
  • iOS version Release
  • NFT Access Tickets Mint
  • Pla

Q3 2022

  • Closed Beta (NFT tickets)
  • 3 Player PvP Release
  • NFT Trailer
  • Anticheat protection
  • New Map release
  • Open Beta Announcement

Q4 2022

  • Genesis NFT Mint
  • Open Beta Release
  • Character Recharge System
  • New Map Release
  • MMR Based Matchmaking
  • PVE Improvements: More complex levels

Q1 2023

  • Ranked Mode (Leagues system)
  • Unranked Mode
  • In-Game Item Shop release
  • Fiat Purchases Integration (Shop)
  • Appstore Release

Q1 2024

  • Global Release
  • Custom Rooms
  • Metarun Influencer Invitational Cup
  • New NFT Characters
  • Season NFT Pass
  • Fortune Wheel
  • Character Upgrade System

Q2 2024

  • PVP 5 Players
  • Metarun Community Cup
  • Skin Evolution System
  • New Map Release
  • Artifacts Integration
  • NFT Ads

Q3 2024

  • Challenge mode
  • PvE Progression system
  • Nintendo Switch support
  • Metarun Global Championship
  • Co-op PVE

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